These are the most common questions we get asked.

What's the typical cost to develop a website?
This depends largely on page count, page size, media size, functions, features and content. Please complete our form located on our Homepage to allow to share our ideas for creating or improving how your prospects discover your business. From there, we’ll be able to provide an estimate of your project.
How long does it typically take to develop a website?
Depending on size, scope, goals and design- anywhere from about 4 to 12 weeks. On average, we crank out a fully developed business landing site with all the trimmings in about seven weeks.
Do you build e-commerce sites or online stores?
We cannot build websites with integral product payment systems at this time. This is because we are a small development firm with only a handful of expert developers and would need a dedicated maintenance team for each site. This is one of the reasons we are able to charge much less for a finished website.
Who hosts your websites?
Each website we build gets its own server provided by AWS. The biggest advantage here is we do not “server share” or use existing client infrastructures for more than one website. This means your site speed is never affected by the demand of other websites within our network. Many of our competitors do this to save costs but we believe each website should be unaffected by the next.
Are your websites secure?
Very. Every site we build uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL, the “lock” symbol before the URL) and is routinely checked for any possible vulnerabilities.
Do you offer discounts on referrals?
Yes we do! We offer percentage discounts for development and ongoing maintenance for clients who refer others to us. Ask us more about our Referral Program for more details.
Is my website backed up in a secure location?
We have five layers of contingency for backing-up websites(one of which you have access to). Most of our competitors use two or three, but we are pretty safety paranoid here.
How much increased traffic can I expect my website to generate?
If we had an exact number, we would own the internet!

There are two major factors that affect your organic exposure:

1. Loading speed and SEO score.
2. The size in demand of your specific industry and competition.

We engineer your website to deliver the highest quality of organic performance and exposure BEFORE you pay for advertising. This ensures you have the best possible performance and appeal before additional money is invested.

Do you give updates during the development phase?
Yes we do. We like to give you progress reports every step of the way to maintain full transparency. Weekly reports are generated so you can see exactly where we are in the development of your website. We can always jump on the phone for a quick call whenever you’d like to bring you up to speed.
Are post-development changes to my website covered?
As part of your standard maintenance, we throw in a complementary two hours of labor per month on top of front and back end updates. Additional labor rates are reduced for post-development work.
Do you only build the website or do you also maintain it?
We maintain 100% of the websites we build. This means we take care of updates, security checks, upgrades and light changes for a reasonable monthly fee.
Do you optimize your websites with the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Yes we do, and we pride ourselves on that. Any business website should always start with the highest possible optimization before investing a dime into advertising. This means every penny spent is invested as efficiently as possible.
Are your websites optimized in responsiveness for all mobile devices?
Yes. In 2021, 66% of all visitors on average view a website through a mobile device, specifically a phone. It is equally important that the mobile version of your site is completely optimized and responsive as your desktop version.
How many pages are included in your websites?
This is different for every client. Typically, there are at least four main pages but no more than eight. it is important to have plenty of content on your website to keep it relevant and to provide good exposure for Google and other search engines.
Do you connect your websites with any analytics platforms?
Yes. Every site is connected to your personal Google Analytics account so you can check in on performance and traffic whenever you’d like.
Am I allowed to modify code or content on my website?
We do not allow client web development or alteration while we are maintaining your website. This is because a client can accidentally break a function of a website or crash the entire website(it’s happened), itself, resulting in redundant work effort and labor fees to bring the site back online.
Is my website easily accessible all over the world?
Any website is overly accessible as long as a locality allows it. However, our websites are optimized specifically for US optimization and speed.
Are there any types of sites you do not build?
Aside from online stores and e-commerce, we do not build any websites with hateful, abusive, violent or adult content.
What are some things you will need from me in order to develop my website?
For more information on our development process, please visit our process area of our website.
How do I know if my website needs to be modernized or revamped?
The first way we determine this is to run a Google Lighthouse audit, combined with a keyword and keyphrase check to make sure your website is current, able to rank highly and trend on a search engine.


The second way is to have a qualified web developer check for responsiveness and visual appeal.

Is my build time guaranteed?
Because every website is unique to the client and their client base, the projected build scopes are only able to serve as estimates. Majority of the time, websites are completed, tested and published ahead of schedule. Adding or significantly modifying content during a revision can add extra time.
What does the Hosting and Maintenance package include?
Our Hosting and Maintenance package includes the following:


– Hosted domain, Security Certificate (SSL) and load-balancing

– Your own web server, unique to you and never to be shared

– Updates to your web server, website backend and website frontend

– Two hours of monthly labor for content changes

Am I able to expedite the build of my website?
Although we frequently deliver ahead of schedule, it is near impossible (and highly discouraged) to significantly “rush” a website onto the market. Developers, network engineers, content writers, graphic artists, business analysts and testers need time to get everything right for a smooth launch.
How do I add or modify content in the future after my website is published?
To ensure your website’s backend does not get disturbed or unintentionally damaged, simply send us your content or media changes with a brief description of what you’d like modified and we will make changes ASAP. Ask us about our Maintenance package for more details.
Am I charged for extra time spent on a website?
Only if the extra time required is because you purchased an additional page, function or revision. We guarantee your price if your project is not significantly altered during your build.
Am I obligated to host and maintain my website with Webizyte?
No. You have, at all times, access to your source code which is updated whenever a maintenance or content update is implemented. There is no obligation for Webizyte to host or maintain your website and, although it is not recommended, you may cancel your Hosting and Maintenance plan anytime.
I'm not the best at writing. Can you provide written content for my website?
Absolutely. In fact, we have dedicated, in-house content writers and graphic designers who specialize in marketing content creation. This includes on-page paragraphs, blog articles, logos, graphic elements unqiue to your business and so much more. They’re very talented and fun to work with too!
How much time will additional pages add to my build scope?
This depends on what’s going on the page. For example, three paragraphs written with keywords and SEO might add a few days to your project, but a page full of media and interactive content could add several weeks. This would be determined up front to provide a more accurate estimate of completion.
Do I have to find a web developer to publish or maintain my website after it's ready?
We offer to host and maintain your website for you as part of our Maintenance package (contact us for details). This is recommended, as the same principal developer who led your website build also directly maintains your website. Your source code is provided to you regardless of your preference.
Do you build e-commerce websites?
Not yet. We are a small group of experience developers and e-commerce websites require a larger group for daily maintenance and modifications. We will be offering this service in the future as we expand, which will include e-commerce POS maintenance and online stores.
What if I don't like what I see when things are ready?
This is prevented because we use an agile build scope, where we update you (usually at the end of the week) on our progress and verify you’re satisfied and wish to continue with your build. For example, if you see something out of place, we can correct it quickly while still staying on schedule.
What consulting services do you offer during a website build?
Creating web content based on how things “sound” is a dangerous game and usually wasteful. A high-traffic website has to be built methodically around key factors like SEO, value, speed, keyphrases, keywords, service process, visual appeal, accessibility and more. This is different for every business.
How often do I need to change my website's content once it's published?
Typically, your content should be altered at minimum, once per month. Depending on your industry and exposure, we may recommend to do so as often as once per week. This will keep your website current so searach engines continue to regard your website as “relative” and retain your ranking placement.
What if I'm still unhappy with my website after I've exhausted all revisions?
This is handled on a case-by-base basis, since we make absolute certain to gather all required information on your business and needs before getting started. If you are completely dissatisfied for whatever reason (has never happened), we will refund your money and destroy your website’s source code.
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